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Should the association reimburse an owner for repairs made?

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Q. An owner is requesting reimbursement for repairs they made to the unit below their unit following a leak from their own unit, stating that the expense is the association's responsibility. No documentation of what was done has been provided, and the board was not informed when the leak occurred. 

When is the association responsible for plumbing issues in a condo unit?

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Q. Our association recently replaced two hot water heaters that service the entire building. After the installation, an owner complained that they had no hot water to the shower in their unit.

How should the board deliver a draft budget to unit owners?

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Q. What is the requirement for providing copies of our draft budget to owners?  If we were to send it via email with the date of our meeting, would that count as us delivering it legally? 

Do board meetings need to be open to non-owner tenants?

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Q. We have units in our building that are rented by the owners. When we have a board meeting, are we required to inform the tenants?