Q. I am President of the association for a six unit condo building with one assessment delinquent owner that now owes us over $10,000. The owner rents out the unit. We hired an attorney and got an order of possession ordering that the renters will now pay us the rent starting July 1, 2017 until the unit is no longer in arrears.

The bank is in the process of foreclosing on the unit since the owner hasn't been making the mortgage payments for a while. The renters notified us that their refrigerator is not working. Are we responsible for replacing their refrigerator? If we do, what happens if the bank takes possession in a month? Should we finance the refrigerator in case that happens? Obviously, we do not want the renters to leave and the owner won't pay for the refrigerator. It will already take over a year for the rent to pay back all the assessments and lawyer fees that are accruing along with this additional cost and with the threat of imminent foreclosure, we just don't know what to do. Does the bank have to pay us past due assessments along with the current assessments when they take control of the unit?

A. In Illinois, condo law allows a condo association to take legal possession of a unit whose owner is delinquent in paying assessments. If the unit is currently rented, the association can decide to either keep the tenants and have the court issue an order for rent to be paid to the association rather than the owner, or

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