Q. Our condo association took possession of a unit in the building because the owner did not pay assessments for over a year. We rented the unit for two years and actually collected more than the owner owed.

The unit was vacant when we completed the eviction and we had no idea where to find the owner. The owner has now turned up almost three years after the eviction and is demanding keys. He is also claiming that the association is responsible for his personal belongings that were in the unit prior to the eviction. How do we go about returning possession to the owner and can he hold the association responsible for his personal belongings?

A. The IL Condo Act allows an association to file a lawsuit against a unit owner for non-payment of assessments and obtain what is known as an Order of Possession if the balance is not paid. This means that the association has a right to either evict the owner from the unit and rent it in order to recover what was owed, plus the cost of the legal action, or, if the unit is rented,

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