Our association would like to update its Bylaws. Is a template available?
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Q. Could you point me in the direction of the Bylaws template for small Chicago condo associations? Our building is using the original from the 1960’s or something like that, and I would like to propose a revamp. 


A. Condos in Chicago first showed up after after the 1963 Illinois Condominium Property Act authorized their construction. Each condominium's Declaration and Bylaws must comply with the IL Condo Act - where there is a conflict, the Act will prevail.

Over the years, however, the IL Condo Act has been amended, rendering many of the original governing documents unenforceable. This can lead to a lot of conflict in an association when board members and owners are turning to woefully out of date governing documents to understand how to manage their associations.

In order for an association to update its governing documents to comply with the current IL Condo Act requirements, 

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