Our property manager is not performing to expectation. How can I convince my condo board to make a change?
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Q. I'm on the board of a 13-unit condo (5 board members). Our new property manager responds very slowly (or not at all) to our inquiries.

In November we voted to increase HOA dues from Jan 1st. It hasn’t been done yet! Three board members oppose changing the property management company.  How can I deal with this?

A. Managing a small condominium association is time consuming and stressful. Enlisting the help of a property manager is a smart move and can greatly reduce the burden on a volunteer board. Finding a property manager that can deliver consistently and according to expectation can be a challenge, however, and when there is a change in the staff that you have become accustomed to you may find that quality suffers. When that happens, it's the board's responsibility to 

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