We came across this article about the "Seven Primary Condominium Financial Issues in a Distressed Economy."  We think it's a great article and bears repeating.  If your association is experiencing any of the problems mentioned in the article, HausFS can help.  Please contact us!

The country's financial downturn has caused major financial difficulties for many smaller condominium associations in Chicago.  When just one or two owners stop paying assessments or fall into foreclosure, the effects can be devastating on a small building.  Thankfully, the IL Condo Act provides a remedy that can help condominium associations to recover delinquent assessments, and HausFS provides a service to help associations through the process. 

Courtesy of Tory Tarsitano, CRMS  - Capital Financial Bancorp, Inc. 

The higher home loan limits currently in place are expected to stick throughout 2010, according to National Mortgage News.

The Obama Administration reportedly supports an extension of the current enhanced loan limits for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA loans.

The maximum conforming jumbo loan limit of $729,750 (in the nation’s most expensive counties) is set to expire on December 31, at which point it would drop to $625,500 per the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008.

The true current conforming loan limit is $417,000 for condos and single-family residences.

Serving as a Board member for your condominium association tends to be a thankless job.  Owners volunteer their time, effort and resources and often aren't recognized for their hard work.  When owners do contact their Board, more often it is to complain or criticize rather than to offer words of gratitude or encouragement.

On behalf of condominium owners everywhere, HausFS and the Chicago Condo Resource would like to say THANK YOU to the individuals who take on the responsibility of serving on their Boards.  Your neighbors may not know how hard you work, but we do.  And we are grateful that you choose to make a positive contribution with your involvement.

Happy holidays!

The law office of Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit has published an article on how FNMA & FHA Guidelines are affecting mortgages for condo units.

Read the article on their website.

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