Indoor dining is no longer allowed in Chicago, but our restauarants and bars still need our support. 

Take Out Chicago is a city-wide contest to help our favorite restaurants and bars during this difficult time. 

Entry requires ordering from 10 different Chicago restaurants between now and December 15th.

Once completed you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name and the list of restauranats you ordered from. Choose Chicago will then select up to 10 winners to receive a 90-120 minute VIP tour of a select Chicago destination.

See details on the City of Chicago's website.

2021 is around the corner, and that's budget time!

Here are a few important reminders about Board responsibilities and Budgeting:

  1. The Board is required to prepare an annual budget for the association each year.
  2. A copy of the proposed budget must be delivered to owners at least 25 days before the Board votes at a meeting to approve it.
  3. Notice of the Board meeting to approve the budget must be delivered to owners at least 10 days prior to the meeting.
  4. Owners do not vote on the budget, only Board members. However...
  5. If an assessment increase would result in a 15% or more increase over TOTAL income for the prior year (including Special Assessments), then owners have the right to petition for an owner vote on the budget.

Please see more about Budgets from these CCR articles:

Condo Budgeting Tips for Pandemic-Related Issues

Double-check your ownership percentages when preparing budgets ...

How to Avoid Common Board Member Mistakes

The Importance of Reserves Budgeting in Small Condos ...


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As you head out to the polls, deliver your mail in ballot or rest easy because you've already voted, please don't forget that the democratic process also applies to your condominium association.

The IL Condo Act requires an annual Board Election for all condominium associations. If your association has not had an election since the last blue moon, it's time to plan one.

Here are a few helpful articles for handling your board elections, and for navigating this responsibility during COVID.

Is Your Condo Association Due for an Election?

The Board and Board Elections

Elections and COVID

Search CCR for more about condo elections!

With Halloween around the corner, Boards should be proactive in crafting the Associations’s rules regulations, and expectations. 

 Here are five tips. 

  1. Set hours for trick or treating that are consistent with your local municipality.
  2. Consider giving community members a window of time when they are permitted to display decorations. 
  3. Place restrictions on flashing or extremely bright lights and animatronic or inflatable decorations to avoid triggering seizures and/or injuries from tripping. 
  4. Remind residents of the rules surrounding parking and noise levels to control Halloween parties. 
  5. Enjoy the season and consider organizing a safe community event. 


Learn more here

A Q&A webinar recording on Protecting Your Community from Litigation with Tressler attorney, Katerina Tsoukalas-Heitkemper, is now available on Youtube.

Katerina discusses working with board members who have their own agendas, conducting Community association business in the Fall of 2020 and beyond, and being proactive vs. reactive. 

Learn more, here


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