How a Board of Directors responds to complaints from members has a great impact on the association. 

Handling a complaint correctly can deter future violations from the violator and other owners.

While it is important that a Board of Directors is seen as a group that enforces rules and regulations, it is also important that they are seen as fair.

Check out this step-by-step processhis step-by-step process for community associations to follow when enforcing rules and regulations.

 As the COVID-19 vaccine rolls out across the country, board members are noticing that many vaccinated residents no longer want to wear masks.  

Even while more people receive the vaccine, CDC guidelines remain the same, including hand washing, social distancing, and mask wearing.

Therefore, vaccinated residents still need to take precautions by wearing a mask in public spaces and not gathering in large groups.

Vaccinated residents who refuse to wear face coverings are also calling for  amenities to reopen, which could expose associations to liability. 

If associations choose to reopen their amenities, they must adhere to local, state, and federal guidelines in addition to determining the cost of extra precautions for reopening. 

Boards should continue to communicate the importance of masks and social distancing in public areas of their buildings. 

Learn more and find helpful templates for communicating with residents here.

 As of October 4, 2021, the Illinois Eviction Moratorium has ended. 

This means that residential tenants can once again be evicted from their units. Additionally, a “covered person” is no longer protected from evictions and landlords are no longer required to send the IL declaration prior to filing an eviction lawsuit. 

Learn more here

The IL Condo Act requires that condominium associations provide for a "reasonable reserves" in their annual budgets. These are funds that are collected in additon to regular operating income that associations accumulate, ideally, in a segregated bank account.

Saving for large repair and replacement projects over time is critical - this helps associations to avoid large, unexpected Special Assessments that may create an unnecessary burden on owners. If you are still unclear on what qualifies as a Reserve expense, however, and when the association should draw on those accumulated funds, this video is for you!

Follow along with Bryan Farley, RS of Association Reserves in this informative explanatory video on Reserve Expenses vs Operating Expenses.

Watch it here

As COVID-19 continues to impact in person activities, many condominium associations may need to conduct their upcoming board meeting, budget approval meeting or board election virtually. Conducting virtual meetings requires preparation.

Here are ten best practices to help board members, property managers, and community association leaders limit distractions during virtual meetings.

  1. Select user-friendly software that best fits your associations needs. 
  2. Test the software prior to meetings so that any technical difficulties can be addressed in advance.
  3. Create and share a meeting agenda to set expectations.
  4. Choose a good location with a distraction-free background prior to starting the meeting.
  5. Set and enforce a time limit to be courteous of everyone’s schedules.
  6. Assign only one host per meeting to limit distractions and maintain order.
  7. Allow attendees to introduce themselves if time permits. 
  8. Mute yourself when you’re not speaking to manage background noise.
  9. Pass new rules and restrictions for virtual meetings in advance if necessary.
  10. Allow attendees to join meetings via audio dial-in to encourage participation.

Learn more here

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