A recent Illinois Appellate Court decision (Gary Palm v. 2800 Lake Shore Drive Condominium Association) has clarified the board's responsibilities in regards to meetings, voting and delegating authority.

Specifically, the decision states that the board is prohibited from the following:

  • Conducting "workshops" or "executive meetings" on any association matter
  • Voting on association business outside of open board meetings
  • Polling board votes by email
  • Delegating authority to the management company for routine matters
  • Conducting board meetings of a quorum of the members outside open board meetings

Association board are required to conduct all association business, including voting, at an open board meeting.  The decision makes it clear that board voting by email is not an acceptable method of voting.  All association business should be conducted at an open board meeting, with proper notice given to unit owners and minutes recorded.  For more on board meetings and voting, see our Condo Living A-Z article "Conducting an Association Meeting." (Subscription Required)

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