Unit owner (or member) meetings occur less frequently than Board meetings, and usually have a specific purpose.  Here is the bottom line on unit owner meetings:

  1. The IL Condo Act requires that a member meeting is held annually to conduct Board elections (known as the annual meeting.)
  2. Special meetings of the members can be called by the president, board of managers, or by 20% of unit owners.
  3. Written notice of any membership meeting must be delivered no less than 10 and no more than 30 days prior to the meeting.  
  4. Meetings might be called to vote on amendments, special assessments, or other matters.  Your Declaration & By-Laws will indicate the specific matters that require an owner vote.
  5. A quorum must be present in order for owner voting to occur.  The quorum may be 20% or higher, depending on your governing documents.
  6. Voting is always done on an ownership percentage basis, unless your governing documents provide otherwise.
  7. Voting may be conducted by proxy--a written authorization for another individual to cast a vote for an owner--and proxies count toward the quorum requirement.
As always, your Declaration and By-Laws should be consulted whenever a member meeting is being considered, to review specific procedures and requirements.