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A quick rundown on Boards and Board meetings:

  1. Only one owner per unit may serve on the Board, and each Board member must be on the deed to the property.
  2. Your Declaration & By-Laws will stipulate how many Board members are required by your association.  They will also outline the method by which the number may be increased or decreased.  A minimum of 3 members is always required.
  3. In order for a Board to meet and conduct business, a quorum must be present at the meeting.  The quorum is typically a majority.  A quorum of 2 is required for Boards comprised of 3 members, for example.  Those two Board members may make decisions on behalf of the association.
  4. Board business must be conducted in person.  Board members cannot vote on association business by email, though they may discuss items of business prior to an official meeting in person or by email.  
  5. At least 48 hours' notice must be delivered to all owners prior to a Board meeting (your governing documents may require more).  Notice may be delivered by email or fax if an owner has agreed to be notified in that manner.
There are differences between being a member of the association and being a Board member, and owner meetings vs. Board meetings.  We'll discuss member meetings and voting in our next posting!