Does it seem like your Board is meeting every month, or do you rarely hear about Board meetings?  While some associations tend to have the need to meet more often, the IL Condo Act specifies minimum requirements for the number of Board meetings your association must conduct annually.

All condo association Boards must meet four times a year in addition to conducting an annual meeting, during which Board elections are held.  Your Board may choose to combine the annual meeting with one of the four Board meetings required.

The Board must provide meeting minutes to document each annual and Board meeting conducted.  If you are concerned that your Board is not meeting the requirements of the IL Condo Act, you may request to inspect copies of the meeting minutes to determine if they are compliant.   

It's a good practice for Board members to set the date for the next Board meeting before they adjourn the current meeting (while they still have association business on the brain).  Some Boards even plan out their full year of meetings at once. If your Board has a habit of putting off meetings, these tricks can help you to stay on track.

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