In communities where trust exists, people are satisfied with their boards and know that they are well informed and the property is well managed. These condo boards are active, directors debate vigorously amongst themselves, owners question the board often, and meetings are well-attended and lively. 

Here’s how you can build trust in your community:

  1. Speak with one voice. Directors may disagree and debate at board meetings, but once a decision is made, the directors end their disagreements and support the decisions made.
  2. Keep owners up-to-date. Anytime the board has news, it is essential for the board to update owners and send it to everyone simultaneously. 
  3. Make documents available. Corporate records should be available to all owners, minus any documents with personal information. Digitizing the condo’s records makes it easier to provide documents quickly and at no charge.
  4. Give more notice than required. The Condominium Act provides guidelines for the number of days notice that must be given to owners for events such as meetings or special assessments. This should be interpreted as the minimum notice.
  5. Ask owners for input. Ask owners for their thoughts and input on things that will affect them via surveys. 
  6. Be nice. Nothing destroys trust faster than nastiness in emails, meetings, and chats. 
  7. Stop negative talk. Provide regular updates of accurate information to hold negative gossip in check. 

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