Noise is an acknowledged part of urban and communal living.

External noise, such as traffic, garbage collection, and voices of people on the street, is controlled by zoning laws and noise ordinances. 

However, when it comes to internal noise, such as upstairs or downstairs neighbors, the definition of “too much noise” is very subjective.

If you are dealing with a noisy neighbor, first try having a friendly conversation with your neighbor. Explain to them what’s happening on your side of the common divide and try to work out an amicable solution. 

If speaking with the noisy party fails to remedy the situation, or is not viable, the owner should complain to the board or the managing agent, if the condo is professionally managed. 

If the managing agent is brought in, the board will be informed of the problem and may choose to get involved if it’s determined that there is a nuisance. Their action might range from mandating the installation of soundproofing materials to leveling a fine. 

If the board refuses to intervene and the nuisance continues, the complaining party can take matters into their own hands by suing the offending neighbor and even the board -  if the owner feels that the board has not upheld its responsibility.  

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