Best Practices for Condominium Association Virtual Meetings

Best Practices for Condominium Association Virtual Meetings

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As COVID-19 continues to impact in person activities, many condominium associations may need to conduct their upcoming board meeting, budget approval meeting or board election virtually. Conducting virtual meetings requires preparation.

Here are ten best practices to help board members, property managers, and community association leaders limit distractions during virtual meetings.

  1. Select user-friendly software that best fits your associations needs. 
  2. Test the software prior to meetings so that any technical difficulties can be addressed in advance.
  3. Create and share a meeting agenda to set expectations.
  4. Choose a good location with a distraction-free background prior to starting the meeting.
  5. Set and enforce a time limit to be courteous of everyone’s schedules.
  6. Assign only one host per meeting to limit distractions and maintain order.
  7. Allow attendees to introduce themselves if time permits. 
  8. Mute yourself when you’re not speaking to manage background noise.
  9. Pass new rules and restrictions for virtual meetings in advance if necessary.
  10. Allow attendees to join meetings via audio dial-in to encourage participation.

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