We've had a relatively mild winter so far, but snow is again on its way to Chicago! If you are comparing snow removal companies, here are three factors to consider.

Experience and Reputation

Taking the time to find, vet, and hire a reputable and experienced company will help ensure that your association is taken care of quickly and appropriately.

Contract Review

Before hiring a snow removal company, have your association’s attorney review the contract to ensure it protects the community. Every contract should contain:

  • A specific start and end date
  • Detailed areas that are to be plowed, shoveled, or blown 
  • When snow should be removed from your association 
  • Insurance requirements
  • Provisions for keeping a snow log
  • 24-hour telephone availability to address problems with melting snow and ice formation
  • Language requiring that the contractor is responsible for property damage done to any part of the association due to negligence


It is vital to confirm that your snow removal contractor carries the correct type and amount of liability insurance, as snow and ice can expose your association to a great deal of liability.

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