Pets are a major topic for many condominium communities. Some associations establish Rules & Regulations that restrict or prohibit certain pets, such as dogs, altogether. Pets may be considered family members by some condo owners, but there is no doubt that they can create a lot of conflict in condominium buildings. 

Pets can cause damage to common elements if they get loose, are not properly supervised or if owners simply do not clean up after them. If there are multiple pet owners in your building it can be difficult to identify the culprits, especially in small buildings that do not have the property under video surveillance. While Rules & Regulations may exist that require pet owners to clean up after their pets or be subject to fines, it can be difficult to enforce those Rules when you can't determine who to fine. 

A better option for small buildings is to charge a monthly or annual Pet Fee. Your building might implement Rules to limit the number of pets per unit, for example, and charge an annual $100/pet fee. These fees can then be used to offset the extra maintenance that may be required when pets are present

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