HausFS has worked with condo associations and condo owners in and around Chicago for more than 10 years. In that time, we've discovered that most condo owners feel that condo living is really challenging, and further, that the problems they face are unique to their association, while condo living is a breeze for everyone else. Somehow, every other association has gotten the hang of it while they are struggling.

This is definitely not the case. Every association faces conflict and the fact is that many of the problems that arise are common from one association to another.

When we speak to prospects who are looking for management support, I often remark that condo living is tough. I even say that I don't think it should exist as a housing option because it is so complicated and causes so much stress. Almost immediately, the board member I'm speaking to breathes a sigh of relief. It's as if they are afraid to admit how hard it can be, because they assume they are the only ones who feel this way.

Rest assured, condo living is tough. But with the proper help, it can be infinitely better. Don't hesitate to get the support you need in the form of professionals who understand how you feel. You're not alone, and there is always a way to make condo living easier.

Lauren Peddinghaus, CMCA, AMS
Owner, Haus Financial Services, LLC