There is a board election coming up and one of the owners in your association is behind on paying assessments. Can that owner be prevented from voting in the next election and possibly serving on the board?

While it might seem unfair for an owner who is not paying their share to have a voice in association business, even delinquent owners have a right to participate in any ownership vote, including board elections, and to serve on the board. Delinquencies affect voting only when it comes to passing amendments. Even then delinquent owners have a right to vote, but they do not need to be counted toward quorum requirements.  

Board members should be taking steps to remedy owner delinquencies when they occur. If a new board is elected, information about those steps should be communicated by the outgoing board. The new board will then have the fiduciary responsibility to address the delinquency, even if one of those board members is the subject of the action.

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